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2009-2014 “Olymp” programme: "European Integration Effect for Public Administration", lecturer, LIVADIS, Vilnius
2011-2013“Training Services in Lithuanian and English for the Improvement of Qualifications Required by the Lithuanian Civil Servants and Politicians for Representation in the EU and EU Presidency”, project of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, lecturer, ESTEP Vilnius
2011.11.23 “The Art of EU Compromises”, lecturer, LIVADIS, Vilnius
2011.11.03 OSCE High Level International Conference “Integrating Global Energy Markets – Providing Energy Security”, speaker, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
2012.01.05 “Negotiations Training”, lecturer, A Sprendimai, Vilnius
2012.02.07 Speaker at VU TSPMI 20 Years Event, Vilnius
2012.03.15 Baltic Economic Forum for Students, speaker, Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia
2012.03.22 Participant of debate on “Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant Project and Renewable Energy Sources – do we have place for both?”, Energy Students Club, Vilnius
2012.03.29 Seminar-discussion “Crises management”, speaker, Meetpoint, Vilnius
2012.04.20 Baltic Symposium 2012, Economics/Politics/Security, Society/Culture/New Directions, speaker, University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies, London, UK
2012.04.23 Czech-Lithuanian Business Forum and International regional forum, speaker, Vilnius {% static '../static/images/priedas6.pdf
2012.04.26 “European Business network” meeting, speaker, Estonian Embassy, Vilnius
2012.05.10 Nordic Forum for Security Policy 2012: “Empowering the Nordic Baltic Relations – Challenges of the 21st Century”, speaker, Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University, Vilnius {% static '../static/images/priedas8.pdf
2012.06.04 Speaker at Lithuanian-Icelandic event „EU accession negotiations with Iceland. How mutual interests of Lithuania and Iceland could be strengthened by practical cooperation?“, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius ../static/images/priedas9.jpg
2012.09.14 EU Regional Conference: "Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan: towards integrated and sustainable energy region", moderator, Ministry of Energy, Vilnius {% static '../static/images/priedas10.pdf
2012.09.24 Lithuanian-Hungarian Forum: "Prospects of Europe", speaker, Vilnius {% static '../static/images/priedas12.pdf
2012.09.26 "Lithuanian EU Presidency - are we ready?", speaker, British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Vilnius
2012.10.03 "Energy Policy of the Baltics", speaker, Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Vilnius
2012.10.04 International Conference: "Business opportunities for LNG", moderator, Innovation Norway, Palanga, Lithuania {% static '../static/images/priedas13.pdf
2012.10.26 National Security and Defence training, lecturer, The General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Vilnius
2012.11.02 Seminar series on European Integration: "Energy Policy of the Baltics", lecturer, Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
2012.11.08 "EU negotiations - practical aspects", lecturer, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius
2012.11 EU negotiations training, lecturer, TMD Partners, Vilnius
2012.11.16 Conference on Energy Security: "Outlook and Perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region", speaker, Energy Security Center, Vilnius {% static '../static/images/priedas14.pdf
2013.02.14 Lithuanian Economic Conference 2013, speaker, Vilnius
2013.02.22 EU Negotiations training, lecturer, LIVADIS, Vilnius
2013.03 EU Negotiations training, lecturer, OVC Consulting, Vilnius
2013.03.12 "Lithuanian EU Presidency", speaker, Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Vilnius
2013.04.04 EU Decision Making and Negotiations training, lecturer, TMD Partners, Vilnius
2013.04.19 Seminar on EU policy matters and the role of Lithuania, lecturer, ESTEP, Vilnius
2013.04.24 Discussion on Energy Security and Independence - the Case of Lithuania, speaker, Young Politician, Vilnius
2013.05-12 Consultancy project aimed at improving the administrative capacity, expertise and knowledge of Lithuanian institutions for their constructive co-operation with the European Parliament, consultant, CPDS and ESTEP, Vilnius
2013.05.13 Course on preparation for the Lithuanian EU Presidency for the interpretors of European Parliament, lecturer, Lithuanian Parliament, Vilnius
2013.05.27 Business breakfast "Energy of the Baltics - the last Phase of Eurointegration, speaker, Chambre de Commerce franco-lituanienne, Vilnius
2013.06-10 Coaching for political leaders in the context of preparation for Lithuanian EU Presidency, coacher, OVC, Vilnius
2013.06.06 Special Event of 15 years Anniversary of Executives Network "Vadovų klubas", facilitator, Vadovų klubas, Vilnius
2013.06.07 Training for civil servants: "EU policy, EU decision making, EU negotiations, EU Presidency (practical aspects)", lecturer, TMD, Vilnius
2013.06.27 Public deliberations on EU 2014-2020 structural assistance action plan, panelist, VPVI, Vilnius
2013.07-12 Consultation services on Lithuanian EU Presidency, consultant, ESTEP, Vilnius
2013.07.04 Conference on Lithuanian EU Presidency, moderator of EU Energy Policy panel, TSPMI, Vilnius
2013.07.04 Lithuanian EU Pre-Presidency Conference, moderator of EU Energy Policy panel, TSPMI, Vilnius
2013.07.04 Conference "Scientific support to energy security in the Baltic Sea Region", moderator of EU Energy Security panel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius
2013.07.05 Conference "Developments of integrated EU energy markets: the perspective of an energy island and beyond", moderator, Ministry of Energy, Vilnius
2013.10.04 U.S.-Central Europe Strategy Forum, speaker, CEPA, Washington, DC
2013.10.10 Lithuanian Energy Conference, speaker, Vilnius
2013.10.22 European Diplomatic Programme, lecturer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius
2013.10.22 Discussion "Energy security in the Baltic Region - Baltic States as EU energy island", lecturer, College of Europe, Vilnius
2013.10.31 Discussion on Energy Policy of Baltic States, lecturer, Embassy of Lithuania in Poland, Warsaw
2013.11 Training on International negotiations and presentation skills, lecturer, A sprendimai, Vilnius
2013.11.04 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), 2nd Seminar on Nuclear Safety "International Instruments for Ensuring Nuclear Safety", moderator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius
2013.11.05 High level Conference "Completing the Internal Energy Market: Building an Integrated European Energy Network", moderator, Ministry of Energy, Vilnius
2013.11.15 Chatham House discussion "Options for the Development of a Secure and Sustainable Energy Sector in the EU", speaker, Chatham House, London
2013.11.26 Baltic Energy Forum 2013, discussant, Verslo zinios, Vilnius
2013.11.27 Discussion on Energy Policy of the Baltics, speaker, Vilnius International Club, Vilnius
2014.02-05 Election Campaign of the President of Lithuania, Head of Election Campaign Team of Dalia Grybauskaitė, Vilnius
2014.06.02 Discussion "Building EU Energy Security: lessons learned and new scenarios", speaker, Embassy of Lithuania in United Kingdom, London